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Copy of HAES Intuitive Eating Live Webinar

45 Minute Live + 10 Minute Q & A. All proceeds go to EHL Scholarship.

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Spring into WELLness: Revolutionize Your Relationship with Food & Self! What do you think of your body? What's your relationship with food like? Are you struggling with lack of self worth due to diet culture? Are you trapped in a fat-phobic or skinny obsessed mind frame? If any of these questions triggered you then we want you to attend this webinar. Drop the self-shame and feel your best by achieving radical acceptance of who you are right now with the help of these two health and wellness professionals, Dr. Lindsey Mansueto (foodie at heart) and Juliana Linder (ex body builder). They will speak to the powerful shift that comes from making peace with your food and your body as well as give you non-biased food advice from two completely opposite perspectives. They'll tell you their stories first-hand but will also cover topics like mindful eating, listening to your body, self care that nourishes your spirit first, emotional awareness and regulation, release techniques, seasons of change to embrace and even bust myths around intuitive eating. Through meditation, lifestyle modification, loving your body and gentle nutrition advice, you will be able to conquer those triggers and move forward with a more satisfying life. WHO CAN ATTEND: Ages high school and above. WHEN: - April 7th @ 8 pm EST via Zoom link provided ADMISSION INCLUDES: - 45 minute live webinar with 10 minute Q & A - Access to private Facebook group, continuing the intuitive eating conversation - Bonus Raffle (announced during the webinar) - Support a HCRHS graduate! 100% of your admission goes to the Empowered Holistic Scholarship Fund ABOUT THE HOSTS: Dr. Lindsey Mansueto is the owner of Flemington Chiropractic Center and the Lifestyle Center at FCC. She is currently on her journey to finding self love and breaking away from the skinny centric/fat-phobic ways of thinking that diet culture often markets. Her goal is to help you find a way to balance gentle nutrition, body movement and self love so you can live a whole life. Juliana Linder (BS Health Fitness Specialist ECU, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition-Level 1 Nutrition Coach) is an ex-body builder and the first to understand body centric negativity. Her goal is to never let the opinions of others dictate how you spend your time or what you commit to. HELPFUL ARTICLE about HAES:

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