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Qi Gong

Embracing better health by balancing mind, body & spirit.

  • 45 minutes
  • 20 US dollars
  • NJ Rt 31 Flemington, NJ 08822

Service Description

Welcome to the wonderful world of Qi Gong! Qi is the universal energy that gives us, and every being, life. It is the life force within and around us. It is a vibration and frequency. Gong is working with the energy. It is moving it through us by gentle movements, gentle breathing, and by our intentions. Working with this energy a few minutes each day can have a huge impact on your life. Ideally, it takes 30 minutes to move the energy through every cell. The time goes quickly when we do it, as there are many different ways we move the energy. Energy flow creates wellness in our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Energy presents itself in our physical body, in our emotions, and in our feeling of connectedness to the universe. It is in the weather and seasonal changes, and in the colors all around us, whether the colors are in food, or we are wearing them or viewing them. You are also impacted by the energy of everything and everyone around you. When energy flows, there are no blockages. What is a blockage? It is like a crimp in a garden hose. When bent, the water backs up from it, or has little or no flow after it. That is what happens to our energy in our body. If there is a blockage, there can be discomfort, pain, inflammation, fever, cysts, tumors. Or it can be weakness, tiredness, fatigue, brain fog, paralysis. By moving the energy gently through certain movements, the symptoms of the blockages can release and restore our minds, bodies, and spirits to balance. If you are interested in a different class for experiencing it, please let me know. I am honored to give qi gong classes to destress and balance for ~ - Young Children/Teens - General age qi gong group - Care givers - Veterans experiencing PTSD/injuries - Couples qi gong Benefits Qi Gong: ~ Move energy to detox our bodies and minds with easy exercises that enhance clarity and increase alertness; can be done sitting, standing, lying down; for all levels of mobility. ~ Feel more flexibility and stable balance ~ Destress physically and emotionally to allow our body to heal faster ~ Simply feel good! Resources: A sample of Master Lin’s 2 months of daily free videos: Spring Forest Qi Gong website: Medical professionals’ comments:

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