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Our Services

We provide a safe space to support education, positivity, and inner growth by fostering an environment of self-care, self-compassion, and self nurturing. Helping individuals heal from physical, mental and emotional trauma, and enhancing the community through holistic healthcare, nutrition, and mental health services.

Holistic Health Coaching

When the going gets tough, stick to the plan, and stay the course. Your success relies on your commitment and your confidence is built through your successes. This heartfelt course attunes the interworking of heart and spirit that serve as our guide to profound glory, where our everyday choices are aligned with our highest standards. Join Juliana in cultivating introspection, belief, and illumination that builds and establishes skills, and strength, that keep you on your destined path.

Group Meditation

If you're looking for a group meditation session, we offer several styles depending on the type of healing you're trying to achieve. For example, we have goddess parties and caregiver + child meditation. Browse our calendar to see what other types of meditation fit into your liking.

Manifestation Workshops

A Wish is a desire for something to happen in your life ~ to meet someone special, to find your dream job, to be happier.

You know what you WANT ... but do you know how to MAKE IT HAPPEN? Let The Wish show you how!

Traumatic Release Exercises

TRE is a simple technique that uses exercises to release stress or tension from your body that has accumulated from everyday tensions or traumas. It will release deep tension from your body by evoking a self-controlled muscular shaking process called neurogenic muscle tremors. This shaking originates deep in the core of the body, in the psoas muscles. These gentle tremors reverberate outwards along the spine, releasing tension from the sacrum to the cranium. Learn more here!

Massage Therapy

Massage is the number one way to melt away stress and tension. Our therapist will heal your muscles, improve blood pressure, flexibility, immune system, blood circulation, reduce stress and tension as well as increase endorphins.

Please call 908-806-3040 to book your session.

Nutritional Counseling

Our in-house nutrition counselor, Lindsey, will help give you new meaning to food and nourishment. She follows the L.E.A.N approach, which means "lifestyle, exercise, attitude, and nutrition."  Book here!

Mini Holistic Gift Shop

Treat yourself or a friend to something in our mini holistic shop. We have everything from crystals to sage and jewelry to home decor. Go to our Holistic Shop here!

Mental Health Counseling

Need someone to talk to or lean on? We're here to listen and provide solutions for the problems you have going on in your life. We're here to help you end those feelings of helplessness and entrapment. There is always light at the end of the tunnel and we can help you see it.

Peer Facilitated Workshops

Most of our peer facilitated workshops are free and available for teens in high school from grades 9 - 12. 

Goddess Parties

Taught by our resident goddess, Stephanie, these classes typically include breathwork, affirmations, self reflection work and mediation. They occur every 3rd Thursday of each month. Book a class here!


Our practitioner uses either light touch or they run their hands through the body’s energy field promoting relaxation, feelings of security, peace, and wellbeing. It will improve the imbalances in your body and can be used in conjunction with any other medical or therapeutic technique. 


Please call 908-806-3040 to book your session.

Oxygen Bar

Our oxygen bar helps to boost energy levels, increase endurance during exercise, provides relief from stress and pollution, increases your concentration, and helps you relax.


Monitored by our qualified, trained staff, participants will be trained to insert nasal cannula themselves to prevent cross contamination. We encourage bringing (or purchasing from us) a journal to meditate during your time at the Oxygen Bar. Book here!

Embodied Nutrition & Self Care

Positive embodiment is a 4 Week class framework that can be used to cultivate our innate ability to feel a sense of connection between our minds and bodies with the aim of re-learning how to hear from and trust our bodies. This series of presentations and discussions will focus on learning new ways of thinking about nutrition and self-care specifically as it pertains to ending the cycle of chronic dieting and cultivating the skills necessary to become better attuned to your life experience and desires. Through the process of discovering how to think about food, movement, and self-care differently, you may find freedom from a dieting mindset where criticism and judgment are replaced with intuitive eating and joyful movement. Book here!

Qi Gong

Qi is the universal energy that gives us, and every being, life.  It is the life force within and around us.  It is a vibration and frequency.


Gong is working with the energy. It is moving it through us by gentle movements, gentle breathing, and by our intentions.  Working with this energy a few minutes each day can have a huge impact on your life.

Learn more here!

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What Our Clients Say

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"The Goddess party dealt with some tough stuff but rather than just bringing into focus the wounds, it helped me HEAL the wounds. It was incredibly affirming of inner power, resilience, and a reminder not to be tamed. I felt so connected to myself and my emotions by the end of the party, but moreover, I felt empowered and I felt brave... I would highly recommend this type of event for anyone willing to pause and look inward, especially if you need some direction once you do that."

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